Strange figures from the Temple of the web
The figures carved on the walls of the temple at Abydos Net long aroused the interest of the public, it is enough to remember the famous "helicopter."
But in this temple is full and other equally intriguing images.
for example, that the instrument is very delicate work keeps hands of god Horus on the following snippet?
Why did he send it to Pharaoh? What kind of operation is performed?

The famous drawing of the "helicopter", "tank" and "plane" almost immediately at the entrance to the ceiling ...

Has a very similar pattern in detail analog. This analog is in the next room on the ceiling of the rightmost row of columns. Unfortunately, we must look up almost straight up and can only be taken at an acute angle.

Something like flashes and another figure who is not cleared of smoke and soot surface. So you have more to guess what it is there represented, and so does he really like the famous "Technology" below.

These photos were taken by the union enthusiasts "Laboratory alternative history" in 2009, during their next trip to Egypt.

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