The ruins of the Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China for centuries through the mountains, deserts, rivers and eventually spread out over more than 20,000 kilometers.
Tourists see only a part of the wall, which is in good condition, the distal portion of the structure is gradually was absorbed by nature. the monument of architecture, which are not usually available before the eyes of tourists.
The remains of the wall are in Jiayuguan - urban district in Gansu

part of the Great Wall in the urban district Tszyayuyguan, built during the Ming Dynasty (1372)
The western edge of the Great Wall near the district Tszyayuyguan
These hills are actually the remains of walls are also in the urban district of Yinchuan

180 km north of Beijing. Unlike most other sites around the capital, restored for tourism, this part of the Wall, referring to the time of the Ming Dynasty (around 1368), was left in its original form
 Section of the wall to the west of the urban district of Yinchuan
 photo taken in 1998 in the mountains Inshan. 200-kilometer section of the Great Wall, built during the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC), was discovered by archeologists in Inner Mongolia - an autonomous region in northern China
 The old part of the city walls in the county Lunkou
 Wall to the north-east of Beijing

 remains of the walls near the village Dongjiakou

 80 km from Beijing

 Overgrown plot

 Borough Qinhuangdao

 Wall meets the sea, more about this place here

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