Where to take away the garbage
I think many people thought about what happens to trash after you disposing it in the trash.
Lets see what happens to him.
Number of civilized waste processing plants in the country can be counted on one hand. Today we will visit one of these plants in Novokuznetsk, where the sorting and disposal of waste coming here from all over the Novokuznetsk. Also take a look at the museum collection and learn that throw in the trash novokuznechane, and sometimes they throw out some very interesting things ... Garbage recycling plant "Ekolend" opened in Novokuznetsk in 2008. Now here is recycled garbage from all over the city and the surrounding area. If you live in Novokuznetsk and on this map see your house, possibly in the following pictures you can see and your garbage :)
"Last" the way waste begins here on the site for weighing. One ton - 1700 rubles
Next - collection point
And it starts the very first stage of sorting. Garbage goes through drum separators that separate waste fines (less than 80 mm). These wastes are highly caking agents shall be removed by dump trucks directly on the map polygon
All equipment in the factory and all German control via computer
After separators garbage ends up in the shop manual sorting. Here is sampled materials for recycling: polymer materials, cardboard, paper, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Total for processing here goes 6% of the total waste, but it's better than nothing
Imagine how much plastic is in a landfill in our forests? And just the right amount is increasing day by day ...

The sorted waste enters the press where a force of 180 tons of shrink by 5-6 times
 The output is a neat, wired bales
New life ahead!

Rubbish is not logged onto the assembly line, crushed in the street, special, again in German, monster
And here is the landfill. The layers are stacked in the polygon composed of: geomembrane waterproofing of the polymer film, a protective layer of loam and gravel drainage layer of a thickness of 30 cm most serious environmental pollutant is the filtrate - liquid separation is extremely unpleasant odor. The filtrate is filtered and the result becomes the ordinary transparent water.
Special super-tough film, insulating the soil from all waste
After the end of the landfill remediation will be made
And now, as promised, take a look at the museum collection, the museum rather unique finds in the trash, received at the plant for disposal
Severe novokuznechane sent to the dumpsters typewriters and mines
Ancient icons and sandals
Unique collections of essays Belinsky
Medals and orders
And even commendable certificates issued by another in Stalinsk the day before the start of the war
Well, quite a unique specimen - an album of pictures from the whole story of one family and the whole country, the first pictures since Czarist times

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