Guerrilla children
Young heroes terrible war. Supplement to post "Children of War".

Young scout cavalry Victor Pozdnjakov for raids behind enemy awarded the medal "For Courage". Steppe Front, April 194
 And this is - partisan children listening to a story on the situation at the front. The picture was taken in 1943 in one of the guerrilla groups.
 Delivery to the location of the guerrilla unit hay - also responsible combat mission. This dashing kid named Vanya Skele.
 Fifth right-Sasha Khudzik, the other boys in the photo are not identified. Sasha Khudzik walked in exploration, subversive operations performed, the operation to seize munitions took languages ​​and died covering the retreat group. Sasha's life ended in fifteen years.
 In this photo, a group of Belarusian partisans awarded government awards.
 This guy Yang Shmushkevich - Belarusian partisans bomber, for whose head enemies spared occupation marks.
 Pavlik Konopatsky probably the youngest of fifteen thousand avengers who fought under the command of Basil Korzha in the ranks of the Pinsk partisan connections.
 This little boy is only known that he was a member of one of the Belorussian partisan detachments
 Guerrillas, grandfather and grandson. 1943
 In this photo thirteen guerrillas third Kletnyanskoy Partisan Brigade Shura Yakushev.
 And this is Agueyev Vanya, he was in the ranks of the partisan detachment named Sagittarius Navlinsky partisan brigade "Death to the invaders."
 In December 1941, under the city Borovsky near WOLKOWSKY cottages nailed twelve Lenya Ryabov.
 Chief of Staff of the Partisan Movement M.A.Suslov Stavropol Territory (yes, the one fifth from left in the second row) with a group of partisans, among them, to the left of Suslov, young guerrilla Victor Bartholomew.
 The commander of the guerrilla unit presents the medal "For Courage" young guerrilla-scout. Soldier armed with a 7.62mm rifle Mosin. 1942. Michael Trahman.
 Approximately half of this group were boys Kalinin guerrillas twelve or fifteen years.
 Guerrillas - father and son. 1943
 Tinder Volodya Tarnowski initialed column Reichstag. May 1945.

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